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Overcoming Dyslexia
by Sally Shaywitz, M.D.
Sally Shaywitz runs the Dyslexia Research Center at Yale. This is one of the NIH research sites. Sally and Ben Shaywitz are at the forefront of the brain research and fMRI studies on dyslexia.In this book, Dr. Shaywitz explains the latest brain research in layman's terms. It's a lengthy book, but it is well worth reading.

From Emotions to Advocacy: A Survival Guide to Special Ed
by Peter & Pam Wright
Peter Wright is one of the nation's leading educational rights attorneys. Every parent who has a child in the special education system should read this book. It explains how the system works and how to get what your child needs.
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504 Plans: Section 504 and Public Schools
A Practical Guide for Determining Eligibility,
by Tom C. Smith and James R. Patton
Developing Accommodation Plans,
and Documenting Compliance
Finally, a short book written in everyday language that explains the value of a 504 Plan -- to provide classroom accommodations for students who are not in the special education system -- and what public schools need to do to ensure compliance now that parents and attorneys are becoming more aware of the requirements of Section 504.
This is an essential tool for all Certified Dyslexia Testing Specialists -- and for parents who want to use those excellent reports to obtain a 504 Plan at a public school.
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This book is published by Pro-Ed. Their part number is 12307.
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or by calling them at 800-897-3202.